Abandoned in the Dark (2014)
Anthology film comprised of 4 short horror/suspense stories seamlessly connected to one another with extreme tension and gripping real life conflict. 
Director by Mike Lordi  
Produced by Mike Lordi  
  Damian Mamane  
  Stephen R. Cafone  
Written by David Boyle  
Screenplay Mike Lordi  
Cinematography Michael Altino  
Edited by Mike Lordi  
Music by David Bateman  
Kane Hodder ... Hutchinson   Order Online  
Marcin Paluch ... Karl Stevens    
Ed Bergtold ... Peter Delaney    
Hillary Hamilton ... Jamie    
Andrew Roth ... Kevin    
Melia Morgan ... Laura    
Bill Weeden ... Mr. Huegly    
Stuart Greene ... Mr. Weston    
Marci Hopkins ... Angela    
Sean Deblat ... Ronnie    
Michelle Cammarata ... Lucy    
Aimee Theresa ... Nurse    
Freddie Maas ... Officer McHale    
Frank Lamendola ... Mr. Steinberg    
Katie Fabel ... Charlene    
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